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The Living Legend

Tommy Williams is the son of Mr. Rodney Williams, the 187th African American to be appointed as a United States ambassador to a foreign country also retired Annapolis Naval Academy Grad Commander /JAG Lawyer. In the summer of 1975 Tommy has just finished graduating from Annapolis and is ready to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Graduating number 2 in his class at the academy Tommy is primed and set to enter an Ivy League law school and emerge a JAG just like his father. One fateful day while meeting with his father at a downtown café in Tokyo Japan where his father serves as Ambassador Tommy witnesses his father’s execution by one of the most lethal assassins in the world. One minute his father is laughing at him for coughing and gagging while trying to swallow the cup of Saki he was toasting with his dad, and the next thing he sees is his dad’s corps falling back in his chair with a round bullet hole in his forehead. That single moment changes Tommy Williams life forever. Now bent on revenge he seeks opportunity that will pit him against his dad’s killer. Though he has considerable expertise with revolver pistols from competition in high school and has solid military training while attending the academy it is soon made clear to him that he is in no way ready to confront the assassin whom he later learns is code named, the Chameleon. This path leads him to joining the Navy’s newly formed special forces branch called the SEALs. Three years later he emerges a highly trained and formidable special forces officer. He never dreamed that his very first assignment would pit him and his team against non-other than the Chameleon himself. 

Makenna Aalee is the great granddaughter of Tumaini Aalee. Tumaini was the famous Kenyon hero who a century earlier stood up to the slavers from east Asia who raided his country and stole young girls to serve in sheiks harems. He with his brave warriors would pursue these vile men across the Red Sea into Saudi Arabia where under cover of night attack the caravans and liberate his people from being enslaved. The people of Kenya came to call him The Legend, the slavers knew him as, The Devil who comes in the Night. Tumaini and his brave warriors have faded away. Bu today though using different methods, the easterners still come in and steal young people from Kenya and bring them to their own lands for their cursed service and restock their leaders’ harems. The government calls it human trafficking. Makenna recognizes it for what it has always been, slave trading. She decides to take up her ancestors cause and build a movement that will once again stand up to this vile practice. 

Makenna and Tommy though living in different parts of the world in lives that have nothing in common will have paths that dramatically collide because of the assassin known as the Chameleon. Both must now learn to make Tumaini Aalee’s legend live again if they are to beat him and save those that they love. 

Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess

Heroes and villains collide in this swashbuckling romp through historical fiction.

Brandy Erasmus is the daughter of the most feared pirate couple of the Caribbean, Eric Erasmus, “The Plague” and his wife, “The Scarlet Mistress. They’ve ravaged the Caribbean in the impregnable ship The Red Witch for over a quarter of a century.

One day both are killed. Orphaned and hunted, Brandy escapes with her uncle to hide out in Kingston, Jamaica where she unexpectedly finds peace and contentment helping her uncle run a tavern. Fate has a funny way of turning the table, however, because a chance meeting with one of Great Britain’s most beloved sea captains and his enigmatic first officer turn her world upside down.

Romantic sparks fly and adventure unfolds as Brandy is confronted with the choice to once and for all leave her bloody past behind and embrace a new life that promises love and purpose beyond all her expectations. But in doing so, she must reclaim the ship and crew she left behind and sail into hell to rescue the one she loves and embrace the cause to which he has dedicated his life.

The Commander

Commander Jacob Edwards is the best operative in the field for Captain Tommy Williams of Naval Intelligence. As part of a secret elite inter-military/law enforcement task force, Edwards has risen to be the number two man in that organization. He is also the captain of the Coast Guard’s Hamilton Class Cutter, The First Responder. On the shakedown cruise after the ship was refurbished, all hell breaks loose in the Gulf of Mexico and Tommy calls on Commander Edwards to take care of the problem. Industrial sabotage, mass murder, and terrorism are just a few of the things he has to stop as he and his men try to figure out what’s really going in the Gulf. Edwards has to juggle being in the command structure of the Coast Guard while secretly carrying out orders that come from the President himself. Best-case scenario, he gets the job done, and no one knows it was him that did it.


The Legend of Deputy Jim

Jim Edwards is the father of Commander Jacob Edwards, the famed “Hero of Cozumel.” The whole world knows about the exploits of his son and how in hand-to-hand combat, he fought and killed the most lethal pirate in modern day history thirteen years ago. Jim, at 70 years old, helped rescue of his son, daughter-in-law, grandchild, and wife from a maximum security prison in Central America where they were being held captive in an elaborate ploy to take over Jim’s business. Captain Tommy Williams, the retired Seal Team commander and leader of the rescue, has had a lot of questions about Jim’s pasts for a long time. All he knows is that Jim was a sheriff deputy in the early 1970s in Sheridan County, Wyoming. But when he looked into his records he found nothing about his two years serving in that department. After the rescue, Jim invites Tommy to visit Sheridan with his family. Tommy uses the opportunity to find out the truth of why some local law enforcement people refer to the story as “The Legend of Deputy Jim”. It is 1974 and Sheridan’s newest deputy has a big problem. The Wild Wolves Biker gang all want him dead. Jim has a beautiful young wife and a four-year-old son to think about. Sheriff Manning and his top Lt., Al Freeburger, think Jim is the best deputy they’ve ever had, but Jim has a temper and it got him in some pretty hot water this time. The Wolves want Jim’s blood, and one of them wants Jim’s wife too. Can Deputy Jim handle this one?

The Last Enemy

The Last Enemy

Danielle Edwards and Marnia Gonzalez have one thing in common. They both adored, loved, and looked up to Commander Jacob Edwards. Although Jacob is Danielle’s father, Marnia looks to him as a father figure too. Danielle was raised by the “Hero of Cozumel” and Marnia had her life saved by him. He has deeply impressed both of these young women with a high moral compass and a passion to do what is right no matter the cost. Now, after three years of believing he is dead, Marnia has found proof of his being alive. Not only Jacob, but his wife and mother somehow survived the tragic plane crash over the Pacific Ocean three years earlier. In book three, “The Last Enemy,” these two incredible women join forces and along with the help of family, friends, and one of the most formidable Seal Team commanders alive, embark on a quest to rescue The Hero of Cozumel.

The Cartel Crusher

The Cartel Crusher

Marnia Gonzalez was a pampered and protected daughter of one of Mexico’s most popular Presidents. Then, Commander Jacob Edwards of the United States Coast Guard had to save her her from being raped and killed by a modern-day cartel thug. Now she wants to do something about the cartels that plague her country. So begins the career of “The Cartel Crusher.”

The Good Fight

The Good Fight

Danielle Edwards, heir to the impassioned family business, Edwards Auto, is trying to sort out her life after the deaths of her father, mother, and grandmother in a mysterious plane wreck. Her father, Jacob Edwards, was the U.S. Coast Guard hero known as “The Commander” among Coast Guardsmen, and the “Hero of Cozumel” in Mexico. He was the target of an early assassination attempt during a pirate attack near Cozumel years before. Things don’t add up for Jacob’s Kings Point Academy roommate, Charles Yeager, who is now the Deputy Director of the FBI in Philadelphia. His search takes him on a hunt for an ominous Russian assassin known as “The Chameleon”. Little does the Edwards family know that they have become the target of a syndicated crime king pin who wants something from them they won’t give, and he plans to take it.

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