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Introducing the First Book of ‘The Last Enemy’ Series:

“The Good Fight”SecondDraftCoverMockUp

“The Good Fight”, is an action adventure drama centering on a Manheim Pennsylvania family who owns a large automobile wholesaling business that works through the Manheim Auto Auctions. The central character, Danielle Edwards, is the daughter of a former Coast Guard ship commander who gained fame as a modern day pirate hunter in the Caribbean. The Father, Jacob Edwards, who is reported dead along with his wife and mother in a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean while on their way to Australia for a vacation, was supposed to take over the family business from his father Jim Edwards.

Jacob and his crew of the First Responder, a Hamilton Class Coast Guard Cutter, rescued a cruise ship off the port of Cozumel from an unprecedented modern day pirate attack. During that rescue, Commander Jacob Edwards with his bare hands winds up killing a wild beast, underground cage fighting champion, and serial rapist, known as “the Jamaican”. He thus gains the title “The Hero of Cozumel”, but was also forced to retire from the Coast Guard.

Unknown to the family is that one of the most successful international assassins, now crime lord Boris Rasmov, has been targeting them to take over the business since before Jacob retired from active duty.

After her parents deaths Boris has spent the last three years putting together a plot to take over Edwards Auto, and eliminate Jim, and his granddaughter Danielle. But heart broken and unable to cope with life in Manheim without her parents, Danielle abandons her grandfather there and travels back to South Texas on the gulf coast to be around her maternal grandparents Roberto and Isabella Garcia.

In the ensuing drama the fighting skills she learned from her father, and her faith in God she learned from her grandparents will be tested, as Danielle and Jim Edwards are reconciled and end up fighting for their lives against the evil dark and vicious man who has been plotting in the shadows for decades against their family.

Filled with hidden plots, love stories old and new, colorful characters, action adventure, heroes, villains, comedy, spiritual depth, and an inside look at the automobile wholesaling business, The Good Fight is entertaining and fun.



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