The Commander

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The Commander: Last Enemy Series Prequel by Dan E. Hendrickson is the story of a tenacious man whose only thought is to win. Commander Jacob Edwards is a man of many different talents, which is the reason why he is called upon to handle the most difficult tasks. As the captain of the Coast Guard, he had his work cut out for him when he and his team came face to face with terrorists who just wouldn’t quit and murderers looking for the next kill. Jacob and his team have to put their heads together to stop this chaos from increasing and spreading out. But it is not easy and even a man as daring as Jacob Edwards needs allies. He does not know who he can trust and who he can rely on. He has secrets to protect, orders to complete, and lives to save. Can he do it all?

This high-octane action novel is pretty amazing. From the moment The Commander begins and Jacob enters the scene, you will know that it is about to get heavy. Jacob Edwards is the kind of character who will command your attention from the very beginning. Dan E. Hendrickson did an amazing job at building the tension and making sure the reader was there in the moment with Jacob as he chased down the perpetrators. He was observant and really not subtle with his words (I loved that about him). He had his own personality and his seniority at his job was not going to change that for him. I enjoyed how immersed I was in the story. I was transported right beside Jacob and living the situations with him. The descriptions were vivid and the imagery was phenomenal. I loved this book and I’m pretty sure it gave me an adrenaline rush for hours after I finished it! This is a must-read for anyone who enjoys high-pressure, action novels that keep you up at night and hoping that the story never ends.

Rabia Tanveer

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For three years, Lt. Commander Jacob Edwards of the United States Coast Guard has been part of a naval pirate task force in the Caribbean. He is fit and strong, a man who does a five-mile run every morning. He is the best that Captain Tommy Williams has, so when Tommy calls on Jacob to take care of a crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, the last thing Jacob can think about is getting embroiled in a mess far greater than anything he could have imagined—mass murder, sabotage, and terrorism. Plus, he has to be very discreet about his job when he receives the command directly from the President of the United States. Can Jacob be at the center stage of the president’s war on drugs, human trafficking, and reported “upticks in pirate activity in that sector,” without drawing attention to himself? The Commander: Last Enemy Series Prequel by Dan E. Hendrickson is a compelling military thriller with very high stakes for the protagonist.

The author shows a lot of understanding of the operations of the Coast Guard and writes a story that features very compelling characters, plucked from government agencies like Homeland Security. The themes of drugs, human trafficking, and terrorism are ingeniously developed. The prose, in itself, is delightful. Dan E. Hendrickson has a gift for crafting characters that are human and believable. The protagonist is a family man and readers will enjoy the relationship he has with Danielle, his nine-year-old daughter. Characters have solid backgrounds, are likable, and it is interesting to watch them evolve through the narrative. The Commander: Last Enemy Series Prequel is a beautifully written and engaging tale that grabs the attention of the reader from the first page and never lets it go.

Christian Sia

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The Commander is a work of fiction in the action and adventure sub-genres which is aimed at adult readers, penned by author Dan E. Hendrickson. A prequel in the Last Enemy Series, the book follows the adventures of Commander Jacob Edwards, a highly skilled agent of a classified military task force. Given the captain’s chair of the freshly refurbished ship First Responder, Commander Edwards is deployed to the Gulf of Mexico after a crisis sends the region into chaos. As he and his crew contend with saboteurs and terrorists, Commander Edwards must complete a separate mission issued with the utmost secrecy by the President himself.

Author Dan E. Hendrickson has crafted a superb work of adventure fiction which perfectly introduces readers to commander Jacob Edwards and sets up his prime role in future books in the Last Enemy series extremely well. One of the things that most impressed me about this book was the close attention to character development from Hendrickson, whose sharp dialogue and attentive narration ensures that we have insight into Jacob’s brilliant mind and his capabilities as a hero. The pace of the novel moves from exposition scenes to action scenes with plenty of twists and turns, and the use of atmospheric language and detailed descriptive techniques during the action ensures a cinematic feel to the adventure as a whole. Overall, I would certainly recommend The Commander to fans of the Last Enemy series and newcomers eager to be introduced to a hero they can really root for.

K.C. Finn

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The Commander by Dan E. Hendrickson is a prequel to the military suspense Last Enemy series, which is followed by book one, The Good Fight, book two, The Cartel Crusher, and book three, The Last Enemy. This installment is an origin story for Commander Jacob Edwards, a Coast Guard Cross recipient and one of the youngest to be given the rank and command. As a result, Edwards has achieved legendary status among his subordinates on the second largest vessel in the Coast Guard's fleet, First Responder. While Edwards wears the sleeve rank insignia of Commander, one thing it doesn't reveal is Edwards' involvement as part of an elite task force that compromises Coast Guard protocol as an international crisis emerges on an oil rig, and the orders that sanction a resolution come directly from the highest authority possible.

The Commander is a well crafted military fiction novel, ripe with an almost true to life blend of realism and cinematic depiction by author Dan E. Hendrickson. The book provides multiple points of view characters that allow a reader to immerse themselves in the full scope of its plot. The pacing is well executed and Hendrickson doesn't waffle about with unnecessary information dumps that seem to be the modus operandi in the genre, and the simple style of writing makes this series a solid entry point for those who are just now discovering a love for military suspense. I enjoyed the humanizing of Edwards and the delicate balance achieved by Edwards the husband and father, and Edwards the American hero. I was particularly enthralled by a plot that surrounds an oil rig, eliciting the recent memory of the deadly, real-life failure of the infamous oil rig Deepwater Horizon. Overall, this is an exciting prequel that is easy to recommend.

Jamie Michele

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In The Commander by Dan E. Hendrickson, Lieutenant Commander Jacob Edwards has just taken command of the Hamilton Class Cutter, First Responder as the captain of the US Coast Guard when news of a possible terrorist attack in the Gulf of Mexico reaches the White House. Captain Tommy Williams sends Jacob to investigate and deal with the situation. As the true extent and severity of the situation unfold, Jacob realizes there is a link to the possibility of a terrorist attack on a US oil rig, and a missing ship carrying children. Behind the sabotage are the Saudi Royal Family, the Russian underworld, and a notorious pirate assassin. As the First Responder races to the oil rig, time is quickly running out. Jacob must use every skill he has learned to resolve the impending catastrophe while obeying an order from the President to keep his movements confidential.

Since reading other books in The Last Enemy series, I was looking forward to more exciting exploits from Jacob Edwards and The Commander by Dan E. Hendrickson definitely lived up to all my expectations. There are new and intriguing characters, as well as many old favorites. Natasha is a real psychopath. I never thought there could be a character more despicable than Dominik, but she was evil to the core. Jacob's relationship with his daughter was endearing as they shared so many tender moments together; this was contrasted perfectly with his relationship with his enemies. I love Jacob as a protagonist. Although his character is flawed, it makes him even more relatable and his morals and character are impeccable. The action begins immediately and takes you on a roller coaster of excitement with so many interesting and strong sub-plots. I thought I could second guess how the plot would unfold by now, but the author always takes me down a path I was not expecting. His brilliance at creating tension and conflicts in the story are enviable and so satisfying as a reader. I read the final third of this novel with my heart pounding, as all the loose ends were tied up with immaculate literary genius. I cannot rate this author highly enough and would recommend his novels to everyone.

Lesley Jones

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Jacob Edwards has seized his new role in command of the First Responder for the United States Coast Guard as part of his new and well-earned promotion. Shortly after the newly refurbished vessel takes to sea, Edwards is put to the test in a barrage of troublesome events that may prove too much for even Commander Edwards to overcome. Heated acts of international terrorism, blackmail, and drug-fueled aggression not only put Edwards in danger of losing his life but also bring trust and loyalty into question. It’s a dangerous game, and the outcome may be death, but certainly not glory.

Dan E. Hendrickson has done it again; The Commander is a well-crafted piece full of action, suspense, and undertones of family, friendship, loyalty, and doing what is right when that’s not always so clear. I was impressed with the clear amount of knowledge and research that Hendrickson has clearly put into The Commander. I compare Hendrickson’s writing with that of Tom Clancy; a descriptive and engaging military masterpiece. Immediately from the first chapter, Hendrickson pulled me in with tense action, then I built relationships with the characters as I got to know them, then I pored through the book to discover how everything plays out. Suspenseful action is complemented by well-structured characters and a fine-tuned plot. A quality read for any action-thriller lover.

Joshua Soule

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Two years after the attacks of 9/11 happened, the American people and politicians are mindful of the domestic terrorist threat. As the newly promoted Commander Jacob Edwards of the United States Coast Guard assumes his new position as top-dog on the Hamilton-class cutter in the Gulf of Mexico, he is on high alert for any threats to American soil. No ordinary officer of the Coast Guard, however, Edwards has special forces training and is a part of an ultra-sensitive, top-secret, inter-service task force underneath Naval Intelligence. Hopefully, this will be enough to counter whoever is planning an attack on American oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Special operatives, United States Coast Guard and Navy personnel, terrorists, martial arts, high-tech sabotage, political blackmail, and much more await the reader of The Commander by Dan E. Hendrickson. The reader is taken on a ride, mostly following Commander Edwards, as he tries to thwart the plans of those threatening the United States. However, as the book is written from multiple perspectives, we also get to watch the terrorists plan, plot, coerce and kill their way to their ultimate end goal. Grab a copy of this one and a cup of coffee while you're at it because you won't want to put it down.

For lovers of the action/thriller genre, especially those that enjoy an entertaining military story, you will be right at home with this one. I loved that the action kept coming, the plot moved quickly, and that there was just enough intrigue to keep me engaged. Besides the action, since the book took place in 2003, I liked the nod to the present day. For example, Commander Edwards had to learn how to use and operate some sort of newfangled piece of technology called a smartphone. What I enjoyed the most about the book was the attention to detail. It shows the author did his homework when it comes to the Coast Guard and their equipment. Between the classes of ships, the firepower on board, and even the command structure of the organization, the writing was spot on.

The Commander was an excellent read that kept me glued to the pages the entire time. It had just enough action and adventure to quench the thirst of this genre's lovers, and for that reason, I give it 4 out of 4 stars. There were very few editing errors and the minor point mentioned above was nowhere near enough for me to take away a star. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to lovers of military action stories. If action isn't your genre or if you don't like books about the armed forces, you can probably pass on this one.

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Top-secret assignments, political corruption, foreign powers trying to sabotage U.S. interest : this is the setting of Dan E. Hendrickson's, The Commander.

Lieutenant Commander Jacob Edwards has been part of a confidential team within the United States Cost Guard tasked with cracking down on smugglers and pirates in the Caribbean. He is excellent at his job, being both quick thinking  and courageous. These qualities grant him promotions and honors generally reserved for men much further along in their military careers - but with these promotions comes greater responsibility and, more importantly, greater danger and more powerful enemies. Foreign crime lords launch an operation of deception, entrapment, and murder with the aim of shutting down U.S. oil production in order to control the industry. Although ruthlessly and meticulously planned out, their scheme did not account for one major stumbling block : Commander Jacob Edwards.  But internal problems both in Edward's crew and the military's big brass threaten to stop the Commander even before he has begun. Can he overcome all the obstacles and stop the saboteurs before it's too late? 

The Commander kicks off with action right from the start. A few times the reader is lulled into a false sense of security, but that is when they turn the page and the author throws a proverbial bomb. Hendrickson writes his characters so the reader instantly feels a connection with them, whether it be admiration, apprehension, or hatred. He masters the art of following multiple characters sharing the same timeline without confusing the reader. The entire book propels you to the next page, to the next chapter, flowing swiftly and logically. Even action sequences are written naturally to the point that the reader feels they are not seeing words but rather seeing the movements. Credit also is due to the author for the technical and military language used throughout, as the words and phrases are specifically chosen to not be overly scientific, therefor not causing confusion for the reader.

I found the book to be extremely enjoyable, as it is a fast-paced read with excitement and even comedic elements. I very much appreciated the banter between Jacob Edwards and his best friend Chuck Yeager, as it was witty and familiar, and even featured a reference to Peter Sellars's unforgettable character Inspector Clouseau.

I highly recommend this book to those who share my own interest in military, crime, thriller, or espionage books, as this one has it all. I do feel I should warn readers that because it is a military book, there will be profane language typical to the genre, but in this case I would not rate it severe. Also to be noted for readers under 18 that there are sexual instances, although none are explicit.

I rate this book a  4 out of 4, as I found the book to be well written, highly enjoyable, and containing only a few editing errors.

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Jacob Edwards, Captain of the Coast Guard, looks back at his nine-year old daughter, Danielle Edwards as she tries to outrun him on his daily five-mile run. She eventually tires out and gets picked up by her mom, Mary Edwards. As Jacob starts his last mile by himself, he runs off course as he sees something at the pier. This turns into Jacob stopping a well known yacht that he and his men have been tracking for three years. He stopped the yacht and then three men on it on his own with no backup.

Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, Peter Rasmov and his uncle Boris are meeting with the head oil guy in Saudi Arabia, Prince Abuella Hasheen. Who is also one of the wealthiest men in the world. They are making a plan that will be disastrous for US oil rigs but good for Hasheen’s business which is the largest oil mogul in the Middle East. However, their plan will not be as easy as they think it will be. Their future will consist of sabotage and betrayal. They will soon be faced with obstacles. The biggest obstacle which they couldn’t overcome is none other than Jacob Edwards.

The Commander by Dan E. Hendrickson is a action-packed and very engaging read. From the beginning of the book readers are instantly hooked as it describes how Jacob single-handedly stopped a Mexican drug cartel. Dan smoothly adds in characters such as Natasha, Boris’s daughter and Rick Jones, Gunny Sergeant of the United States Marine Corps and talks about their role in the story perfectly. The description he gives of each and every character’s behavior and appearance gives you a clear image of how they act, look, and even speak. How he describes the settings were so detailed I could imagine I was there. For example, how he described Coast Guard Hamilton, First Responder was perfect. How it sounded, how it smelled, how it looked was so vividly described I felt like I was right there.

My favorite aspect of the book was how it went from talking about Jacob’s side and the Coast Guard to Boris’s side and his blackmailing and schemes as the two were getting closer and closer to colliding with each other. As well as how almost every chapter brought along a new character as well as characters from the other character’s side. For example in one of the chapters it introduced Natasha, but it also brought in Will Harrington. So now Will is no longer seen as just the former Captain of First Responder. I cannot think of anything to dislike about this book. It’s so captivating and an excellent book.

I only found two typos in the entire book. It’s still exceptional editing. However, there is use of profanity but no sexual content. I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up just because of the maturity level and some of the words used in the book. 

The Commander describes why the book is named that in one of the chapters. After reading the book I understand the title and how it’s perfect for this book. It takes readers on a ride through Jacob Edwards life as Captain of First Responder and what crazy things he does everyday. Every chapter brings something new to light, making you feel emotions like sadness, anger, shock, and happiness as the story goes on. This book deserves a 4 out of 4 nothing less. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a captivating, action-packed, military style read

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The Commander, by Dan E Hendrickson is a story about Lt Commander Jacob Edwards of United States Coast Guard, a family man with a wife and daughter who gets promoted to command a ship because of his sheer skill, courage and talent despite lack of experience in leading fully equipped Coast Guard Ship. He is about to be handed toughest mission in his career to lead, to counter threats posed to US Energy Infrastructure by foreign elements. Will he be successful in his mission?

Author sets the plot very calmly, introducing every character nicely and the movement of the story is absolutely fluid from one chapter to the next, there are no voids in the story streamline. Towards the end of the story it went in an even pace.

The buildup given to the characters of Commander Jacob Edwards and Captain Tommy Williams "The Legend" of Naval Intelligence is nothing short of a movie. If there is a separate world for Tommy williams character alone that would make for a great series

I cannot think of any negatives, but story could be extended if villains in the story was given more depth that is equal to heroes. It seemed like there was a power imbalance. Always a hero needs a worthy Adversary.

"I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars" because it deserves. 

The Commander by Dan E Hendrickson has more to offer storywise extension, it deserves a sequel.

This book is recommended for teenagers and adults who are into suspense action thrillers genre, they will enjoy this book, not recommended for small children because there are certain pages in which description of certain scenes are not suitable for small children.

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Lt. Commander Jacob Edwards had just finished arresting a group of smugglers he had been pursuing for three years when he received news of a promotion he was not entirely qualified for. However, the Coast Guard commandant, Admiral Rogers, considered him to be more than capable because he had a lot of combat experience. Upon getting the promotion from Lt. Commander to Commander, Jacob was assigned command of a special ship known as “First Responder” even though normal Coast Guard culture dictates that the ship be handled by an officer of the rank of Captain.

Although they didn't make him a Captain, Jacob soon knew why the culture was neglected—there is a terror threat to the Gulf of Mexico area, and a high-ranking officer known as The Living Legend has assembled a secret inter-military task force. The task force will respond to the threat, and they will be under Jacob's command. The danger turns out to be real, but the terrorists were several steps ahead by the time they discovered the plan. However, the intricate planning of the imminent attack engendered suspicions of an ulterior motive in the minds of the concerned officers, but do the terrorists really have another motive? Find out by getting a copy of this high-octane book and join me in singing the praises of The Commander by Dan E Hendrickson.

The Commander is a hard-to-put-down and action-packed book written by Dan E Hendrickson. The plot takes the reader through all the shenanigans and political jostling that goes on in the military. I was transported to a world where terrorism and counterterrorism were not far from the norm. I found The Commander hard to put down, and I was quite sad when the story ended. Nonetheless, I found myself rereading parts of the story in a bid to capture even the smallest of details. The Commander is such a well-written and flawlessly edited book.


Reading The Commander gave me the same feeling I always have whenever I watch a blockbuster movie, which means that there were many things I liked about the book. First of all, the cover of The Commander was beautiful and extremely eye-catching. Although it is not advisable to judge a book by its cover, that is not the case with this book as the cover reflected its superb contents accurately. Also, the book was full of ingenious and subtle plot twists that made it fun to keep guessing what the next line of action will be. Furthermore, the character development was excellent. Dan Hendrickson did not waste time telling us of Commander Edwards' history. Instead, he let his speech, sense of humor, and behavior tell us how amazing he is. I loved the way Dan Hendrickson named the chapters too. They built suspense and gave me an idea of what to expect. Above all, the description and imagery were vivid as Dan patiently unwound the plot as if it were a movie being shown on a big screen.

This book contains some elements of eroticism and vulgarity, so allowing children to read it will certainly not be a good idea. Nevertheless, young adults can read this book. I recommend that fans of high-octane and action-packed stories get a copy of this novel immediately. People who love counterterrorism-themed books will find this book interesting.

I rate The Commander by Dan E Hendrickson 4 out of 4 stars because there was nothing I disliked about it. It was entertaining and thrilling. Indeed, the execution of this book was perfect, and it deserves a perfect rating. I might have had to reduce my rating due to editing errors, but Mr. Hendrickson made sure that his book was professionally edited. This caused the book to be very pleasant to read. I have given The Commander a four-star rating because it met and surpassed my expectations

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Great book with a lot of action and likable characters. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.



Wow what a great book and I want more of the commander please Mr Dan Hendrickson I want to find out what happens next.

Kindle Customer


This book had me from page one. I could not put it down. The action was non stop and I'm already looking forward to more of this series.

Gary Vasquez


I loved this book. It's action-filled from beginning to end. There is suspense, secrecy, lies. Everything a good book needs.


The Commander offers a little more though; it's not just action and excitement, there is a lot of "read between the lines" type of moral values within Dan Hendrickson's writing. It is truly enjoyable, all of his writing is.



Up front I received this book free for an honest review. From page one this book held my interest, great storyline I can't wait to read the next book. I will definitely follow this author.

Kathy Bryant


Engrossing for sure. Gripping storyline that is believable and flows very well to keep me hooked onto the turn of events on the next page. Someone should perhaps write a screenplay from this story.

Joy G


Really enjoyed the book. Well-written, fast-past, and intriguing from page 1. Can't wait for the next installment.

Sarah Eliza


I have read the full Last Enemy Series and have enjoyed it immensely. I have watched Dan E. Hendrickson grow as an author and each iteration of this wonderful series has been even better than the previous. I was especially excited when the author asked me to review his latest effort, the prequel to the series. One of the difficulties of writing a prequel to an established series is the juggling of timelines, characters and events that have already been written about but occur in the future. As a reviewer, I am always on the lookout for any errors of this nature or plot holes that make no sense given what has already been written. I am thrilled to report that I found no such holes or errors in this excellent story. As with all the stories in this series, although they are linked, they are stand-alone tales and can be read in any order. That having been said, I would still suggest any new readers to Hendrickson’s work start with the prequel and work their way through the series. It just makes more sense to do it that way.

In, The Commander, we meet Commander Jacob Edwards just as he is promoted to being the youngest Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard and given command of the refurbished Coast Guard Hamilton Class Cutter, First Responder. Jacob, his wife and nine-year-old daughter are required to move to where the cutter is based but thankfully that is the same place as his wife’s parents live, so Jacob will feel more comfortable about leaving them alone when he is off on patrol. As he takes command of First Responder, it becomes increasingly apparent, to the Coast Guard, that something big is brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico. It seems that terrorists may be planning to sabotage one or more of the deep-sea oil rigs based in the Gulf, to try to strangle the U.S, supply of oil. Captain Tommy Williams (The Legend) is tasked, by the President, with finding out who is planning the terrorist attack and thwarting it. Tommy knows the best men for that job will be Commander Edwards and the rest of his top-secret military task-force that he is in charge of. So begins an epic showdown in the Gulf of Mexico between a desperate band of criminals and the might of the United States Coast Guard.

The characters Hendrickson has created in this series are fascinatingly overdrawn. At one end of the scale you have the evil mastermind of the criminal enterprise, Boris Rasmov, his family and criminal enterprise, while at the other end we have the dedicated, moral, and powerful leadership of Commander Edwards, his extended family, his crew, and his paramilitary team. What I liked particularly was those fringe characters who were at or near the top of the Coast Guard’s hierarchy but who were morally flawed and therefore able to be manipulated and indeed subverted by the evil Rasmov.

As with all of Hendrickson’s books the action is fast and furious and the author’s research, to this lay-reader, anyway, appears impeccable. The author knows his onions when it comes to the U.S. Coast Guard, its hierarchy, its weaponry and its procedures. Commander Jacob Edwards appeals partly because of his heroism and all-American ingenuity (Bondish or McGyverish in many ways) but what makes him so likeable and identifiable as a real person, is his willing acceptance of other’s ideas and talents. He will always listen to ideas from anyone, and give them credit for them, no matter what their rank. Yes, he’s a lead-by-example hero but he’s more than that. He has a genuine care and concern for his fellow “Guardies” and also for humanity in general. There is a lot to like about Commander Jacob Edwards.

As a reviewer who has reveled in and enjoyed watching Hendrickson’s growth as an author over the past couple of years, I can definitely proclaim The Commander: Last Enemy Series Prequel as the crowning jewel of a superb action/adventure Coast Guard series. Dan E. Hendrickson has arrived, in my opinion, and I am eager to see where his fertile imagination will take him next on his literary journey. I can highly recommend this book and the entire series. It was a truly enjoyable and satisfying read.

Grant Leishman


Wow what a great book and I want more of the commander please Mr Dan Hendrickson I want to find out what happens next.

Connie Hamby


one of the greatest books I have read in a long time.

Christopher Gottberg


Author Dan E. Hendrickson unleashes a wild and exhilarating ride with The Commander, an unpredictable high seas thriller in the Gulf of Mexico. Armed with enough action to satisfy those seeking a fictional adventure, but also plenty of rich character development and well-penned relationships, this is an unexpectedly complex read.

At the helm of this novel is Commander Jacob Edwards, a tough-as-nails captain of the First Responder, who suddenly finds himself deadheading into an international crisis. Juggling loyalties, national secrecy, and the lives of his men, this Coast Guard captain has a full plate of action that never seems to leave him alone for very long. In a story where enemies are pressing in from every side, one needs a dauntless hero to handle the strain, and Commander Edwards is that rugged warrior.

Hendrickson’s protagonist is far from a stereotypical jarhead always looking for a fight. The opening scenes may show him single-handedly taking down a Mexican cartel drug yacht, but the relationship he has with his daughter and wife are delicately written, imbued with sincerity. Showing such flexibility within a lead character is impressive, particularly in a niche where the heroes often fit a rather predictable profile.

The author’s obvious expertise in the realm of the American military gives the book a sense of authenticity and immersion, and while procedural military novels can be plodding in the amount of detail, the pace rarely slows. Moreover, this novel is as much about human nature as it is about lawless pirates, human trafficking, organized crime, and the drug trade. Characters are written with their flaws on their sleeves — addiction, dishonesty, cowardice, and cruelty — and Hendrickson artfully weaves these very real variables into the larger plot. These are the imperfections and reflections of humanity to which readers can relate, regardless of the genre, and these features make the novel hum with relatable detail.

The plot itself is an undeniably entertaining and jaw-dropping tale, with bizarre enemy bedfellows and more simultaneous crises than might seem possible for one small Coast Guard crew. While some of the coincidences and close calls stretch the boundaries of believable, the payoff requires a fair bit of suspended disbelief, though it’s exciting nonetheless.

While some of the rigidity in the writing could be lessened, the winding plot is well-drawn and engrossing, and Commander Edwards is a riveting focus for the novel. Dan E. Hendrickson proves that he knows his subject matter, knows his audience, and certainly knows how to tell a good story.

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