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The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is Book 1 of The Last Enemy series. When tragedy strikes Danielle’s life, she takes time out from her family business and turns to her own dance company as a way of coping. Her family business holds too many memories but she can’t shake them off as, all of sudden, she is deep in a plot that threatens everything that is dear to her. Danielle must reconcile the past actions of her father, Commander Jacob Edwards, the Hero of Cozumel, with the present to save her family. Can she succeed or will everything be lost?

The Good Fight by Dan E Hendrickson is a great start to what looks like a promising series. The story is written in third-person and is set partly in the present and partly in the past. It is an interesting mix of corruption, pirates, murder, abuse, and rape, although nothing is described in enough detail that would upset anyone. The characters are very well developed, especially the main protagonist, Danielle, who comes across as very likable, a person that we can identify with, and the whole story is based around the values of family. It is a very well written story that ends in a cliffhanger that leads, hopefully, to book 2. Great story, full of action and plenty of twists and turns, and a gripping plot that will grab you right from the word go. Highly recommended for fans of crime thrillers with plenty of action. I can’t wait for book 2.

Anne-Marie Reynolds

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Fast paced and enjoyable, The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is the first book in The Last Enemy series. This highly enjoyable and well-developed story was filled with amazing characters, a sharp-minded protagonist and a good plot line that had me hooked and kept me from leaving the story. The moment I started reading it, I knew that I would be sucked right in and would not be able to put the novel down until I knew how it ended and what the characters would do to stay afloat. The story line flows very effortlessly and makes you feel like you are a character in the story.

This is the story of Danielle Edwards, a young woman who is the heir to a thriving business. Well-adjusted and living the good life, her world comes crashing down when her father, mother and her grandmother die in a plane crash. However, soon she realizes that there is something far more sinister happening around her and that her family’s death was not just a freak accident. Given her father’s position in society, he was targeted by a syndicate crime boss who wants something from the Edwards family and he will do anything to get what he wants. The question is: what does he want?

I enjoyed how strong and level-headed Danielle was. She was no damsel in distress; she was a strong woman who knew that there was something wrong and she was ready to take charge of the situation to make sure that she found out what was happening. I wanted to root for her and believe in her. The momentum of the story is good, the fast-paced plot kept my mind racing and wanting to know what would happen next. This is a brilliant novel, one that I would love to read again. Interesting and entertaining!

Rabia Tanveer

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A beautiful meld of romance and crime fiction, The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is an engaging story that follows one young woman’s fight to keep her family interests away from deadly enemies. Commander Jacob Edwards has always been a hero to his daughter, thanks to his bravery in responding to a pirate attack on a cruise ship, and that was years ago. Now, after a tragedy strikes his family, Danielle believes that by moving away from the family business and focusing on her dance company she could leave behind memories of the tragedy, but she soon finds out that there is a conspiracy that could ruin her family. And Danielle is not one who lets anything come between her and her family, no matter what it is. So, she is poised to fight back. But is she well-armed?

The novel starts with a backstory, exploring events surrounding the life of Jacob, and the narrative is done in a strong third person narrative, shifting between Jacob and Danielle. The shifts between past and present are well done and this creates the suspense that holds the reader’s attention throughout. Dan E. Hendrickson has a singular gift for storytelling and he weaves backstories into the narrative in a seamless manner, without distracting readers in the least. The prose is clean and the author seems to have a great sense of setting as well. The Good Fight is a powerful story told around the importance of family, with sophisticated characters and very strong plot elements.

Christian Sia

Readers’ Favorite

The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson is an engaging story with a lot for readers — romance, adventure, steamy action, crime, corruption, and a gritty investigation — the first book in The Last Enemy series. Danielle had always adored her father, Commander Jacob Edwards, whose bravery against a pirate attack at sea earned him the title of Hero of Cozumel. But then tragedy strikes and everything seems to fall apart. To get her life back together, Danielle takes some time away from the family business, focusing on her dance company. But everything changes when she discovers a conspiracy to destroy everything she holds dear. Now, she must fight for her family, but does she have what it takes to combat the kind of enemies coming her way?

I was immediately gripped by Dan E. Hendrickson’s elegant prose, his gift for plot and character, and the fine plot elements introduced into the story. The writing is suspenseful and the story follows two points of view, that of Danielle and that of Jacob, creating an arresting sense of suspense that carries the story gracefully forward. The scenes are well-crafted, action-packed, and infused with strong emotions. The author skillfully uses red herrings to keep the reader interested in the story. The characters are well-crafted with a rare sense of humanity and they are very believable. Readers will find themselves following Danielle and caring about her, a character who is focused and whose sense of family is so strong it is blinding at times. The Good Fight is captivating, a beautifully written story with a satisfying conclusion. There couldn’t be a better entry for a compelling series.

Divine Zape

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The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson mainly tells the story of a hero’s daughter, Danielle Edwards, as she struggles to deal with tragedy and heartbreak. Danielle’s father, mother, and grandmother are killed in a mysterious plane crash. Danielle has always worshiped her father, whose heroic act during an attempted hijacking of a cruise ship led to his fame. But as the story unfolds, all is not as it seems, and Danielle is torn between her loyalty to her grandfather, the family business, and her passion for dance. Eventually she decides to take some time away from the painful memories and concentrate on her dance school. However, there are people who should have been friends who are trying to take away everything, including the much loved family business, for ulterior motives. Danielle risks everything as she tries to save all that is dear to her.

Dan E. Hendrickson has woven an intricate tale of mystery, sleuth, crime, relationships, with a little touch of romance in this story that grips readers from the outset. Danielle’s character is believable and credible, and the way the author has introduced the various backstories is a sign of accomplished writing. The choice to tell the story in the third person is perhaps a slightly unusual approach, but it works well in this case and in fact adds to the tension and anticipation as the story unfolds. There are well-defined characters that add intrigue and sometimes emotion. Underlying the whole story is the undeniable strength of Danielle and her determination to preserve the strong family ties that have bound this story together from the start.

Jane Finch

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The Good Fight: Book One of The Last Enemy series by Dan E. Hendrickson revolves around Danielle Edwards, heiress to Edwards Auto, one of the largest auto wholesalers in the U.S. Danielle has an uncanny head for business and sales and she knows about cars. She does not mind getting her hands dirty, whether it is in detailing, auto mechanics, or upholstery. She is trying to pick up the threads of her life after losing her father, mother, and grandmother in a plane wreck. An explosion on board has been deemed as the cause, and the investigation is still pending. Jacob Edwards, Danielle’s father, had already been a target of an assassination attempt earlier. With a combination of action, adventure, intrigue, suspense, romance, family, and crime, the plot reveals a deeper plan that involves the Coast Guard, automobile wholesalers, smugglers, and many others.

The author writes an amazing thriller that will keep readers glued till the last page, with some exciting twists and turns that instill in readers a sense of urgency and anticipation in finding out what is going happen. The author does not lose the tempo of the story and manages to keep the same pace and movement right to the end. There are many characters in the story and they fit into the plot perfectly. I liked the portrayal of the characters, both the good ones and bad ones, as they are memorable to readers. The story is well executed and I am sure, like me, many readers are waiting for Book Two!

Mamta Madhavan

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The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson follows Danielle, a strong and determined young woman who is trying to come to terms with losing her mother, grandmother and father in a tragic plane accident. She only has her beloved grandfather, Jim, owner of Edwards Auto, to support her as she tries to sort her life out. Charles Yeager, a former friend of Danielle's deceased father, Jacob, has become FBI Deputy Director and he is investigating the strange assassination attempt on Jacob years previously. His enquiries lead him to a notorious and heartless Russian hit man called Boris. Jim and Danielle Edwards are unaware that they will soon be visited by Boris who is looking to take something precious from them. They finally come face to face with Boris, and what he believes to be a simple assassination job becomes a fight to the death.

The Good Fight by Dan E. Hendrickson has everything a crime and mystery novel should provide, and a lot more. The story follows a brilliantly created character in Danielle Edwards; she is strongly determined and a martial artist. The author has written a very well constructed plot; it is exciting and full of twists and turns. I was really not expecting the ending and the way the author builds suspense is terrific. The writer has created a love story, a story of vicious underworld criminals, and a police investigation, and managed to put it all together in a remarkable novel. This is definitely a book everyone should read if they love a strong female protagonist and a story line that doesn’t fail to excite until the last sentence. Boris is one of the most spine-chilling characters I have read about in a long time.

Lesley Jones

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I am a sell out for a happy ending and this book led me right to my heartfelt ending, I thought. The cliff hanger ending blew me away and I would have never thought it. The action and development of the story kept my attention throughout. The sub stories were also interesting as they ran long the main plot well. I found myself rooting for the good guys and plotting and praying the antagonists would get caught and done away with. Anxious to read the next two installments. From what I can tell the later additions of new characters will not disappointment and I am anxious to see what new challenges develop.

Amazon Customer Review

The Good Fight has a great story line with lots of twists and turns. It has good, believable character development also. There are all kinds of people, some good with morals and some bad guys who don't know what morals are. It is interesting to see where being a good person, or bad person gets them. I really enjoyed the journey, bring on the next one!

Amazon Customer Review

I love the fight scenes a lot. Well done. Descriptive and fast pace and exciting. Fun read for sure. Well put together and worthy a read.

Amazon Customer Review

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