The Last Enemy


Both Danielle Edwards and Marnia Gonzalez have Jacob Edwards to look up to. While he is a father to Danielle, he is a savior for Marnia. For three years, they believed that he and his wife had died in a plane crash; however, when they come to realize that Jacob and his wife are both alive, these two women join forces to find him and bring him back home. They are ready to do whatever it takes to bring Jacob back home, but it is not easy, especially considering the fact that they must encounter an uncharted territory to rescue Jacob. Can these two women bring him back?

Although The Last Enemy is the third book in The Last Enemy Series by Dan E. Hendrickson, I had zero issues catching up with the story and becoming invested in it. I enjoyed how the protagonists were both strong females who understood themselves, didn’t try to punch above their weight and capitalized on their strengths. These are no wannabe heroines; these are two smart women who know their worth and are big fighters. Danielle Edwards and Marnia Gonzalez are two very strong female characters that are at once relatable and easy to remember. The plot itself is very interesting, the pace is fast, the flow is smooth and the development of the story is wonderful. The elements of mystery, suspense, action, and adventure are all very well written to stand strong on their own yet at the same time complement each other as well. A fantastic novel.

Rabia Tanveer

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The Last Enemy, the third book in The Last Enemy series by Dan E. Hendrickson is an impassioned tale that is filled with adventure, themes of family and loyalty and the incredible mission to save the hero of Cozumel, Commander Jacob Edwards, believed to have been dead for three years in a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean. When his daughter, Danielle Edwards, and a girl, Marnia Gonzalez, who has grown up to look at him as a father figure, learn that he is still alive, they set out on a rescue mission.

Filled with action and fast-paced, this novel begins with a powerful premise: a respectable commander and a well-loved father, believed to be dead, is alive. It is a moment that changes everything. The writing is fluid and the scenes are beautifully captured. For instance, I loved when Jacob wakes up in the hospital: "Jacob awakens two days later in what looks like a hospital room. He springs to a seated position and discovers his wife Mary and mother Linda in similar beds. All are handcuffed to their beds. He shakes his head trying to clear the grogginess and make sense of his predicament when two Latino men walk into the room." The writing is focused and balanced and the points of view come across clearly. There are scenes that are emotionally rich and the whole story stands out in its psychological depth. Character development is impeccable and the plot is ingeniously done so that it leaves readers no choice but to keep turning the pages. Compelling characters, a cunning plot, and pulsating action are just some of the elements that make this book an exciting read.

Christian Sia

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The Last Enemy is a work of adventurous and action-packed fiction penned by author Dan E. Hendrickson and is the third book of The Last Enemy series. Following the events of The Good Fight and The Cartel Crusher, we find the double team of heroic females Danielle Edwards and Marnia Gonzalez at the head of a new adventure. They both have much admiration and respect for Commander Jacob Edwards, The Hero of Cozumel, whom they both believed to be dead. But when Marnia discovers that Jacob might still be alive, the women work together with a team of trained professionals to recover their hero once and for all.

Something that I really enjoyed about the work of author Dan E. Hendrickson was the fact that he doesn’t shy away from strong women who go through success, failures, and learn important lessons during their adventure and rescue mission. Danielle and Marnia are very different girls with different upbringings, but their common goal allows them to have mutual respect for each other’s skills, and the team supporting them, and what results is a powerfully realistic and inspiring rescue story with plenty of twists and turns. I loved the descriptions of all the exotic places they explore, as well as the well-paced chapters and the way the action is revealed through sharp prose and realistic dialogue. Coupled with a clever plot that is well paced in its reveal, this makes The Last Enemy a thrilling ride for readers who love crime, military, action and adventure tales.

K.C. Finn

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In Book Three of The Last Enemy series: The Last Enemy, author Dan E. Hendrickson brings readers the explosive finale of the Cartel Crusher adventures. Commander Jacob Edwards was known throughout Mexico and the American border as the Hero of Cozumel for his exploits over a decade earlier when, as a United States Coast Guard Commander, he foiled a planned assassination of the then Mexican president’s daughter, Marnia Gonzalez, aboard a cruise ship off the coast of Mexico. Marnia would go on to become one of Mexico’s most feared law enforcement agents, known as the Cartel Crusher. Jacob’s actions had put him in direct conflict with some powerful and dangerous people; Boris, a notorious Russian mafioso whose sole ambition was the accumulation of power and money, along with powerful Mexican cartel lord Maximillian Manerez. When Jacob, his wife, and his mother are all killed in a sabotaged plane crash whilst heading to Australia on holiday, it appears Boris has won – but has he really? Marnia believes Jacob was not actually on that plane and is determined to uncover the truth, along with Jacob’s father and his daughter Danielle.

Having read the first two books in the series, it was a pleasure for me to be reunited with all the old, familiar characters in The Last Enemy. Author Dan E. Hendrickson has drawn characters at the very extremes of human nature, from the intensely patriotic and family-oriented members of the Edwards’ family through to the magnificent evilness of Boris and Maximillian. What I particularly liked about Jacob as a character was that he was flawed and defined by his actions that had seen him proclaimed as the Hero of Cozumel. He knew he had a dark side to him as evidenced that day but he accepted his limitations and still did whatever was necessary to protect his family and his country. I felt the author went out of his way to present positive and uplifting characters on the Mexican and Central American sides. Given the current stereotyping of these people, this was a real plus for me to read. If you like a series with realistic action sequences, lots of twist and turns, plus some good, old-fashioned values and family love, then you shouldn’t miss out on this book and this series. This is an excellent series and one in which the author has grown as a writer. I look forward to what’s next from this author.

Grant Leishman

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In The Last Enemy by Dan E. Hendrickson, the third and final book of The Last Enemy series, we see the Hero of Cozumel, Commander Jacob Edwards, about to board a plane with his wife and mother at LAX airport. Meanwhile, an old adversary, Mexican cartel boss Maximillian Maneres, has hatched a sinister plot of revenge with Boris, a notorious Russian gangster. When their plane crashes into the Pacific ocean, everyone believes them to be dead, except for Marnia, The Cartel Crusher. Jacob's bravery is the reason Marnia is alive, and since he rescued her, she respects and loves him like a father. Although it is three years since the ambush, she believes him to be alive. Now all she needs to do is find Jacob before Max deems him worthless and kills him. With the help of Jacob's daughter, Danielle and a decorated Navy SEAL, Marnia uses every skill Jacob has taught her to try to rescue him and his family. The hunter soon becomes the hunted in this explosive finale.

I have read the previous two books in this series, but what I liked was the synopsis of both books at the beginning for anyone who has not. The characters were still as vibrant, exciting and interesting as ever, with new characters like Commander Tommy Williams. I loved the cool, calm and collected Tommy, who had a painful past that shaped his personality in a positive way. The author shows amazing talent in the creation of his characters and their dialogue; he can depict evilness in a character so subtly but effectively that it sends shivers down your spine. The dynamics between the characters are brilliantly relayed too, especially between Jonathan and his father. The events in the prison and the characters within it were chilling. There were so many sub-plots which were equally as strong as the main storyline, which you often do not find in a novel. The tension and rollercoaster of excitement and thrills were interjected perfectly with some quite beautiful moments of loyalty and love. Although the main antagonist was of Mexican descent, I liked the fact that the people of that country, as a whole, were portrayed positively and the author did not use the typical stereotypes of that nation.

Lesley Jones

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Maximillian Manerez and Boris Rasmov, the two notorious mafia bosses, had no idea about what was in store for them when they set out to kill the Edwards. They did not spare any of their resources to see to it that they wiped the Edwards out of the face of the earth. The main man in the Edwards family, Jacob, also known as the hero of Cozumel, befriends Jonathan, Maximillian’s son. Could Jacob, with the help of his new ally, keep his family safe despite being the most wanted family in the hit list of the two cartel bosses?

The Last Enemy by Dan. E. Hendrickson is the third book in his series: The Last Enemy. The novel revolves around the lives of the Edwards family. As mentioned before, the family is in danger since Boris and Maximillian want them dead. The attempts by Jacob to keep the family safe draws other characters into action, such as the FBI, the Texas Lone Rangers, the Mexican Military’s Anti-corruption Cartel Task Force, and the family members of all the main characters.

I loved Hendrickson’s ability to sculpt an amazing plot that kept me glued to the book. Although I have not read the other books in this series, I did not have any problem in getting a firm grip on the novel. I felt as if I was part of the book since the scenes were well developed and the author has a way of keeping the flow of events flawless. For instance, the first chapter displays a tug of war between Boris and Max, whereby Max pulls out a plan that would deeply anger Boris. I kept waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment when Boris would come to know about his ally’s betrayal that gave the Edwards the upper hand in fighting for their survival.

I always have a favorite character in most of the books that I read. For this one, I had a favorite inseparable pair of characters: Jim and Linda Edwards, the parents of Jacob. I loved the love they had for each other and for their family. Even in their old age, they were not afraid to defend their children even if it meant getting into a gunfight. Linda stuck to her husband’s side and made everyone they were working with understand that. Her words “Where he goes, I go, and that is final” portrayed her undying willingness to stick by his side. That was lovely.

I loved reading this book. It was professionally edited and it has no profanity. Actually, the author managed to weave in Bible teachings in the novel and gave the book a phenomenal ending. That said, I gave it the rating that it really deserves: 4 out of 4 stars. I strongly recommend it to readers who enjoy crime-themed novels with strong teachings about family, love, and faith. It has some descriptions of gruesome murders. Therefore, readers who are easily triggered by such should avoid this one.

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Wow what a great series first I would like to say thank you Dan Hendrickson for a great series thank you so much for the verses of the bible and God's word in to it and about family ,I loved it and hated for it to end, the best series I have ever read i highty recommend this series!

Kindle Customer


I THINK THIS STORY IS VERY DEEP ,,IT INVOLVES ALOT OF CHARACTERS......But I love the fact that even in the midst of all this chaos ...The families faith does not waver one bit for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Crist ..I think danielle is very brave...I'd like to be more like her..when I'm faceing my own battles...I'm proud of Marina for choosing Light side instead of taking after her father's footsteps...It takes courage to turn family in...But the notrusaties her father was involved in with the cartel....I would do the same thing..And being part of the solution instead of the problem to make children safe from them animals ,would be my goal as well I would use all the resources I could obtain and dismantle as much as I could and work on a system that's gonna keep the kids safe and those animals from being able to regroup....I've read all 3 books ..again and again..I read about Marina and Danielle and they inspire believe in making a difference and that one strong person can do just that even as she's faceing down evil.....I also want to hopefully in real life meet someone like the Jacob,,,Hes got guts and a drive in him I can see where Danielle gets it from..He has a honest heart and he's protective of his family and stand for what is right ..and I share same feelings he has towards evil societies like that...I wish there was more Jacobs,Danielle,and The Cartel Crusher in the world....I cant wait for the next books that talk about each character in more depth..Until then I'm inspired to do my part and try to act more like Danielle and Marina in my day to day...And always I will keep praying......this is a Great book...that tugged on every emotion I was a pleasure....and I cant wait for more...I'd really like to know what happends with all the couples in this book when the story was done



The books 1 & 2 were the lead up to this novel! You won't need to read books 1 & 2 because the back story is laid out for you! Enjoy!!!

Kathleen A Duffy


It is inspiring to see people who are in the midst of challenges still has faith in them. It is in those challenges where the faith is tested the most where faith should never waiver. Hence the the display of trust and loyalty of the characters towards the Almighty Power is simply worth emulating and the courage to step away from evil is something everyone should take heed as well

W. Drake


Wow what a great series fist I would like to say thank you Dan Hendrickson for a great series thank you so much for the verses of the bible and God's word in to it and about family ,I loved it and hated for it to end, the best series I have ever read i highty recommend this series!


The books 1 & 2 were the lead up to this novel! You won't need to read books 1 & 2 because the back story is laid out for you! Enjoy!!!


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