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Author Dan E. Hendrickson
Author Dan E. Hendrickson
Dan E. Hendrickson

Listen to Author Dan E. Hendrickson's official podcast and podcast appearances.

March 5, 2023

Cover to Cover Book Beat  with Rodger Nichols interviews Dan E. Hendrickson
Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess

Heroes and villains collide in this swashbuckling romp through historical fiction. Brandy Erasmus is the daughter of the most feared pirate couple of the Caribbean, Eric Erasmus aka The Plague and his wife The Scarlet Mistress. They’ve ravaged the Caribbean in the impregnable ship the Red Witch for over a quarter of a century. One day both are killed. Orphaned and hunted Brandy escapes with her uncle to hide out in Kingston, Jamaica where she unexpectantly finds peace and contentment helping her uncle run a tavern. Fate has a funny way of turning the table though because a chance meeting with one of Great Britain’s most beloved sea captains and his enigmatic first officer turn her world upside down. Romantic sparks flair and adventure unfold as Brandy is confronted with a choice to once and for all leave her bloody past behind and embrace a new life that promises love and purpose beyond all her expectations. But in doing so, she is confronted with the choice to reclaim the ship and crew she left behind and sail into hell to rescue the one she loves and embrace the cause he has already dedicated his life to.

January 5, 2023

Cover to Cover Book Beat  with Rodger Nichols interviews Dan E. Hendrickson

Deception, politics, corruption, bravery, love, integrity, determination, and lots of action are the key elements on The Living Legend, the latest in The Last Enemy series from Dan E. Hendrickson. This is his follow-up book to penning Brandy: Ballad of a Pirate Princess, which was named last year by Online Book Club as its Historical Fiction Book of the Year. 

Set in the 1970s, on one side of the world, Tommy, a man seeking vengeance for his father’s murder; on the other side, Makena, a woman seeking to stop the slavery of her people. We’ll find out how their worlds collide in The Living Legend. 

“My books tend to have a military/law enforcement flavor because they deal with issues like modern day human trafficking, organized crime, high-sea drug smuggling, historical piracy, and slave trading,” says Hendrickson. “This one takes place when the Navy SEAL program was launched and the mission is to go after a Russian assassin. 

“In my stories I like to mix action/adventure, and romance, with real-world issues. In some circles I have been labeled a bit of a feminist because I tell many of my stories using a strong female protagonist and show that women make fantastic heroes. To a big degree I owe this enthusiasm for strong female characters to the fact that I have two highly motivated and successful daughters who are my real-life heroes. I also have a son who is an officer in the United States Coast Guard and gives me lots of inspiration to write about the military”

September 29, 2022

Dan E. Hendrickson Discusses His Novel – The Living Legend: A Last Enemy Prequel, Writing Techniques, and Influences on His Writing – 507

This is episode 507 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

May 18, 2022

Dan Hendrickson interviews fellow Bill Shaw student Troy Miller, who has also spent a lifetime competing, teaching, and studying the martial arts. He is also a working Hollywood stuntman, fight choreographer and actor who has worked with Stars like: Steven Segal, Lance Hendrickson, and Aaron Eckhart in blockbuster movies like IFrankenstien, Sinner and Saints, Daylight Ends and Code of Honor.

May 1, 2022

Check out 5-time Martial Arts Fighting Champion Bill Shaw talk with author Dan Hendrickson about his life as a Karate Instructor, Actor/Stuntman, Competitor, and Martial Arts Freestyle Innovator. Bill has been involved with the fighting arts for over five decades and has operated several schools, been an actor/stuntman in movies like Get Carter with Silvestor Stallone, Shoot Fighter with Bill Zabka, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise. He has competed on multiple levels in the martial arts world and has been involved with training highly specialized law enforcement and military personal. Dan is a former student of Bill’s from the early 1980’s and the chemistry between these two is infectious. A must see for any martial arts enthusiast.

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