Magi Apprentice Softbound Copy Personally Autographed


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A dying Magi tells Parthian Calvary Officer Rassan, son of Surena, the greatest of Parthia’s generals, that an angel appeared to him and told him that Rassan would come and continue in his stead, looking for the coming promised one who would save all people.

The dying Magi entrusts Rassan with the sacred star charts passed down from the first Magi Grandmaster, Belshazzar, and commands him to bring them back to Babylon to give to the new headmaster of the Astronomical Sect of the Magi.

Thus begins Rassan’s apprenticeship. He and Headmaster Daraya-Vous are at the tip of the spear in seeing and understanding the significance of a series of astronomical configurations that happen between 3 and 2 BC. The sightings send them on a quest to petition for safe passage to Judea to find for themselves the promised Messiah.


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