Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess Hardbound Copy Personally Autographed


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Heroes and villains collide in this swashbuckling romp through historical fiction. Brandy Erasmus is the daughter of the most feared pirate couple of the Caribbean, Eric Erasmus aka The Plague and his wife The Scarlet Mistress. They’ve ravaged the Caribbean in the impregnable ship the Red Witch for over a quarter of a century. One day both are killed. Orphaned and hunted Brandy escapes with her uncle to hide out in Kingston, Jamaica where she unexpectantly finds peace and contentment helping her uncle run a tavern. Fate has a funny way of turning the table though because a chance meeting with one of Great Britain’s most beloved sea captains and his enigmatic first officer turn her world upside down. Romantic sparks flair and adventure unfold as Brandy is confronted with a choice to once and for all leave her bloody past behind and embrace a new life that promises love and purpose beyond all her expectations. But in doing so, she is confronted with the choice to reclaim the ship and crew she left behind and sail into hell to rescue the one she loves and embrace the cause he has already dedicated his life to.

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